When you submit diagnostics from your Vilfo by clicking "Send diagnostics", an archive with logs is immediately sent to us in Intercom as a support request. The email associated with the diagnostics is the first one that was used with the licence code.

Next, diagnostics is downloaded by our technical support representatives to check if there are any errors, warnings or unexpected records. Once the diagnostics is investigated and no longer required, it gets deleted from the places of storage.

The main log that contains this data is called "logread" and is filled up starting from Vilfo boot. It has a size limit of 1500 records, so, if you faced some unexpected behaviour, it's highly recommended submitting diagnostics right away.

Another log that gives an idea of customer's network setup is called "configs" and is used mainly to understand how the devices are arranged in Vilfo.

If technical support representatives do not manage to find anything weird in the logs or can't provide a solution on their own, that means the issue needs to be investigated deeper.

So, either the diagnostics is passed directly to the development team or, which is more likely, a request is created for further investigation.

The diagnostics does contain sensitive information, as we can see all devices configured in the network, their names, IP/MAC addresses. Diagnostics is saved on a server run in Sweden, and purged automatically after 30 days.

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