Vilfo allows setting up a static IP address during its initial configuration as well as afterwards in its admin panel.

Setting up a static IP on initial configuration

When connected initially, Vilfo runs some tests to ensure that it has the Internet connection.

On the very first step of Vilfo configuration, you can specify the details for static IP network details manually.

Just select Set static IP address manually for WAN protocol, fill up the necessary data in the appropriate fields and click Update.

Setting up a static IP in the admin panel

Please go to SettingsNetwork and select Set static IP address manually for WAN protocol. Next, you need to fill up the following parameters and click Update:

  • IPv4 address

  • Subnet mask

  • Gateway

  • DNS

In case you wish to configure IPv6 too, check Configure IPv6 settings option and fill up these parameters:

  • IPv6 address

  • Gateway

  • Prefix

  • DNS

Note: IPv6 is disabled currently, and traffic for all devices connected to Vilfo is routed through IPv4.

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