We've all been there; we visit a website, go to log in, type in the username and password that we're sure we've entered at least a million times before, only to be taunted by a red box informing us that the username and/or password is incorrect. 

Luckily, if you encounter the same problem when attempting to log in to the Vilfo administrative interface, we have the tools to help you out.

Recover your login information

  1. Go to admin.vilfo.com

  2. Click on Forgot Your Password?

  3. Enter the email address you used when you registered your administrative account

  4. Click on Get password reset instructions

  5. You should now receive an containing your username. The email will also contain a link to reset your password.  Click the link.

  6. Enter your email address into the E-Mail Address field

  7. Enter your new Password

  8. Confirm your new Password

  9. Click on Reset password

  10. You can now login with your username and your new password

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