Users serve two purposes in Vilfo; connecting to the VPN server, and logging in to Vilfo to make modifications. There's three different user types:

User types

Root user

This is the original user type which is created during the initial configuration. This user can do everything, including logging in to the Vilfo user interface and connect to the Vilfo VPN server


This user can be created under the Users menu in Vilfo. This user can log in to the Vilfo user interface and connect to the VPN server, but it can not edit or view account settings on the General settings page, nor can it view the access token used by Vilfo.

VPN User

This user can only connect to the Vilfo VPN server, it can not make any modifications in Vilfo.

Adding a new user

To add a new user, navigate to Settings Users.

  1. Under Add new user, enter the Username you want the new user to have.

  2. Enter the email address of the user

  3. Select the role you want the user to have. Available roles are admin and VPN user.

  4. Choose whether the user should be able to access other devices on the LAN, or if access to other LAN devices should be blocked.

  5. Enter the Password for the user.

Note! For more information about the Vilfo VPN server, see Starting the Vilfo VPN Server.

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