Vilfo is different than other routers in a multitude of ways - and one of those ways is how Vilfo handles the IP assignment of devices connected to it.

All devices in your network should be set to fetch an IP address via DHCP in order for them to be visible in Vilfo and for all functions to work properly. However, even though the devices are set to DHCP - Vilfo will assign a static IP address to each device. That means that a device that connects to Vilfo will always receive the exact same IP address from Vilfo.

The reasoning for this is:

  1. Vilfo automatically sets up a lot of firewall rules for devices

  2. In order to allow port forwarding for any device without hassle

By assigning static IP addresses to all devices in your network, Vilfo can prevent leaks or mishaps, which otherwise wouldn't be possible and it wouldn't allow Vilfo to run multiple simultaneous VPN tunnels. You can of course change the IP address a device should be assigned.

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