By placing a Netgear router after Vilfo, your Netgear router can be used to extend the wireless network of Vilfo.

Turning your Netgear router into an access point

  1. Log in to your Netgear router. This can usually be done by going to and entering the username and password for your Netgear router. Username and password can often be found on a sticker under your router. Unless you have changed it manually, the username and password is normally admin and password by default

  2. Navigate to ADVANCEDAdvanced SetupWireless Settings

  3. Check the box Enable AP Mode

  4. Verify that Get IP Address Dynamically and Get DNS Server Address Dynamically are both checked

  5. Click Apply

  6. Connect a network cable between LAN port on your Vilfo and the WAN port on your Netgear router

To make future changes in your Netgear router you will need to do so using the IP address assigned to your Netgear router by Vilfo.

Note! If you choose to use your Netgear router as an access point, you may want to disable the Wireless network in Vilfo.

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