By placing a Linksys router after Vilfo, your Linksys router can be used to extend the wireless network of Vilfo.

Step 1: Turning your Linksys router into an access point

  1. Log in to your Linksys router

  2. Navigate to the Linksys administrative interface by entering the IP address of your Linksys router displayed on  the sticker at the bottom of your Linksys router. By default it is normally

  3. Login with the username and password displayed on the sticker under your Linksys router

  4. Navigate to Internet Setup Internet Connection Type and select Bridge Mode

  5. Select Specify an IP address and enter the following information:
    Internet IPv4 Address: Change it so that it is within the same range as the main router. By default Vilfo uses, if that is the case, enter or something similar here. Write down the IP address you gave your Linksys router here, you will need it later
    Subnet Mask: Change it to be the same as the one Vilfo use. By default Vilfo use
    Default Gateway: Change it so that it is the same as Vilfo. By default Vilfo use

  6. Connect a network cable between the LAN port of Vilfo and the WAN port of your Linksys router. 

Step 2: Changing the Linksys router IP in Vilfo

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to Menu Devices

  3. Locate your Linksys router in the list of devices

  4. Click on your Linksys router in the list of devices

  5. Click Edit on the new screen

  6. Under Device IP address, enter the IP address of your Linksys router that you gave your Linksys router previously.

  7. Click Save changes

To make future changes in Linksys you will need to do so using the IP address assigned to your Linksys router by Vilfo.

Note! If you choose to use your Linksys router as an access point, you may want to disable the Wireless network in Vilfo.

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