By placing a TP-LINK router after Vilfo, your TP-LINK router can be used to extend the wireless network of Vilfo.

Step 1

  1. Connect a network cable between the WAN port on your TP-LINK router and the LAN on your Vilfo router

  2. Log in to the Vilfo administrative interface and write down the IP address your TP Link is assigned

  3. Remove the network cable from the WAN port on your TP-Link

Step 2

  1.  Log in to your TP LINK router

  2. Navigate to Network LAN and change the IP address of your TP-LINK router to the same one your TP-LINK router was assigned in Vilfo

  3. Change the Subnet Mask to the same one used by Vilfo ( by default)

  4. Save the settings. Your TP Link router will restart

  5. Log in to your TP Link router again

  6. Go to DHCP DHCP Settings and set DHCP Server to Disable

  7. Press Save

  8. Go to System tools Reboot and click on Reboot

  9. Connect a network cable between the LAN port of your TP-LINK router and the LAN port on your Vilfo

To make future changes in TP-LINK you will need to do so using the IP address assigned to your TP-LINK router by Vilfo.

Note! If you choose to use your TP-LINK router as an access point, you may want to disable the Wireless network in Vilfo.

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