By placing a DD-WRT router after Vilfo, your DD-WRT router can be used to extend the wireless network of Vilfo.

In order to turn your existing DD-WRT router into an access point, two steps need to be taken.

Step 1: Turning your DD-WRT into an access point

  1. Log in to your DD-WRT router

  2. Navigate to Setup Basic setup

  3. Under WAN Connection Type Connection Type, select Disabled

  4. Under Network setup, check the following options:
    Local IP Address: Verify that the IP address entered here is in the same subnet that Vilfo use. Write down the IP-address shown here (By default,
    Subnet Mask: Check that the subnet mask is the same one Vilfo use. By default Vilfo uses, if the subnet mask differs from the one shown in Vilfo, enter the new one to match the one Vilfo use

  5. Under Network Setup, enable the option Assign WAN Port to Switch

  6. Under Network Address Server Settings (DHCP), enter the following settings.
    DHCP Type: DHCP Server
    DHCP Server: Disabled
    Use DNSMasq for DHCP: Disabled
    Use DNSMasq for DNS: Disabled

  7. Click Apply settings

  8. Connect a network cable between the LAN port on Vilfo to the WAN port on your DD-WRT router

Step 2: Changing the DD-WRT router IP in Vilfo

In order to be able to access the DD-WRT user interface after the change has been made, you may need to change the IP address of the DD-WRT router to match that of Vilfo.

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to Menu Devices

  3. Locate your DD-WRT router in the list of devices

  4. Click on your DD-WRT router in the list of devices

  5. Click Edit on the new screen

  6. Under Device IP address, enter the IP address of your DD-WRT router that you wrote down previously.

  7. Click Save changes

To make future changes in DD-WRT you will need to do so using the IP address assigned to your DD-WRT router by Vilfo.

Note! If you choose to use your DD-WRT router as an access point, you may want to disable the Wireless network in Vilfo.

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