Some times, things don't go as planned and a factory reset needs to be done. Unfortunately, Vilfo does not have a physical factory reset button - and as such the factory reset is a bit more cumbersome than most people are used to.

Method 1 - Vilfo interface

If you still have access to the Vilfo admin interface, you can factory reset Vilfo by going to System and clicking on Factory reset.

Method 2 - Power button

If you use version 1.0.7 and later, you can factory reset using the power button on the front. Simply press the power button three times in quick succession and your Vilfo will factory reset automatically and then reboot.

Method 3 - SSH

SSH is a possibility if you can connect to Vilfo by using an ethernet cable or by connecting to the wireless network.


  1. Windows users should download Putty. After launching the program, enter as the IP address. 

  2. Click on connect

  3. Enter username: root

  4. Enter the password for your admin account to the Vilfo user interface.

  5. Type:

  6. Press enter

  7. Type: reboot

  8. Press enter

macOS and Linux

  1. macOS and Linux users need to open a terminal window

  2. Write: ssh root@

  3. Press enter

  4. Enter username: root

  5. Enter the password for your admin account to the Vilfo user interface.

  6. Type:

  7. Press enter

  8. Type: reboot

  9. Press enter

Method 4 - Physical reset

If none of the above work, you'll need to plug in a screen (HDMI) and a keyboard to perform a factory reset. 

  1. Type:

  2. Press enter

  3. Type: reboot

  4. Press enter

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