If your connection attempt fails when trying to connect to a VPN server, it may be due to one of several reasons.

Incorrect username or password

Verify that the username and password are correct for the VPN provider you are trying to connect to.

Subscription expired

Several VPN providers only allow you to connect to their servers with an active subscription. Without an active subscription you may not be able to establish a connection.

Data limit reached

Some VPN providers have a data cap on their service. If this data cap has been reached, you may not be able to connect to their servers.

Server unavailable

The server or location you're trying to connect to may be temporarily unavailable. The most common reasons for this is due to a planned or unplanned service interruption. If you're able to connect to another server or location, the servers are likely temporarily unavailable.

Problem in Vilfo

If it is a custom configuration file, it may also be an issue with Vilfo importing your configuration file.

When contacting your VPN provider or Vilfo support about the issue you're experiencing, please provide a copy of the OpenVPN log file generated so that they can more easily find a solution to your problem. For more information about the log file and how to retrieve it, please read Retrieve the OpenVPN log.

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