If you want to change your Wi-Fi password, network name or other network-related setting, you can easily do so through Vilfos administrative interface. To change these settings, navigate to Settings Network and find the section labeled Wireless.

The sections you can change are explained below.


In the section labeled as Country, you select the country your Vilfo is located in. Each country has its own laws and restrictions regarding which network settings you are allowed to use. It is therefor important that you select the correct country from the list of countries provided.

Name (SSID)

The name you enter here is the name your Wi-Fi will use and is the one that will be broadcasted to your surroundings.


The encryption you want to set on your network. While it is possible to set no encryption (and thus have your network open to everyone), It is highly recommended you set an encryption on your network. The encryption you should use depend on the devices you have in your home, but WPA2-PSK should work for most devices.


This option only shows up if you select an encryption in the previous box. This is the password you need to enter when connecting to the Wi-Fi.


This is the base bandwidth your Wi-Fi network should use.

2.4 Ghz has greater range than 5 Ghz, but operates a bit slower and generally provides lower overall Wi-Fi speed. All Wi-Fi capable devices generally supports 2.4Ghz.
5 Ghz generally has much better Wi-Fi speed than 2.4 Ghz, but sacrifices in range. While 5 Ghz is generally the option you want to use, some older devices can not communicate over 5 Ghz.


This is the channel your network should communicate over. If there are several other networks nearby communicating on the same channel, it may cause interference. Changing the channel your network communicates over can circumvent that.

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