Sometimes a device is not assigned the IP address you want. Instead of memorizing your device's new IP address, you can change it to the one you want. No more accidentally connecting to your printer when all you really want is your Disk Station.

Changing the IP address of a device

  1. Go to Menu Devices

  2. Locate the device which you want to change the IP address for

  3. Click on the device

  4. Click the Edit button

  5. In the new screen that pops up, enter the new IP address you want your device to have in the field labeled Device IP address

  6. Click Save changes


  • The device will need to reboot or release its DHCP lease for it to receive the new IP address

  • If another device is already assigned the new IP address, you will need to change the IP address of that device first

  • You are also not able to assign a device an IP address outside the range of your subnet

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