There are websites that you never want to visit without using a VPN - such as banks, torrent sites etc. Accidentally visiting one of those sites without a VPN can jeopardize your privacy and security.

Vilfo does have a killswitch to ensure no traffic escapes if the VPN connection is lost - but the browser extension adds an extra security layer to prevent you from visiting a website when your device is not connected to a VPN tunnel.

Force VPN for a specific website

  1. Click on the Vilfo logo in your browser

  2. On the active tab, Current, click on the Force toggle

Force VPN for all websites

  1. Click on the Vilfo logo in your browser

  2. Click on the tab General, and click on the Force toggle.

Visiting a forced website without a VPN connection

If you attempt to visit a website that you've decided to force, but you're not connected to a VPN tunnel, the request will be blocked before it is sent. You'll also be greeted by a dangerous-looking bear.

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