Certain websites rigorously block IP addresses that VPN providers use. Most people are then required to disconnect from their VPN provider just to access that website, even though that means all other traffic also leaves your device unprotected.

You don't need to do that with Vilfo. Using Vilfo's browser extension you can decide exactly which websites should use your ordinary connection - while still protecting all other traffic.

Bypass a website

  1. Click on the Vilfo logo in your browser

  2. On the active tab, Current, click on the Bypass toggle

  3. After a couple of seconds (up to 15) you should see that the Vilfo logo turns to yellow - indicating that all requests to that website now use your ordinary connection.

Important notes

When you decide to bypass a website Vilfo looks up which IP address(es) the website has. It's actually these IP addresses that the routing rules are set up around, together with ports 80 and 443. Any request to another port than 80 or 443 will still use the VPN connection.

That means that if multiple websites are behind the same IP addresses - all those websites will be bypassed - even if you only intended to bypass that specific website. The browser extension will not notice this and therefore not become yellow.

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