If you have a device in a group with a VPN connection, you do not have to disconnect the entire group. You also do not need to move the device outside of the connected group. Vilfo allows you to bypass the VPN connection for a single device with the click of a button.

You can bypass the VPN for a single device using one of two methods.

First method: Admin dashboard

  1. Go to Menu Devices

  2. Locate the device you wish to bypass the VPN for

  3. On the right-hand side, locate the Bypass button and click it

The device will now bypass the VPN and instead use your normal connection.

Second method: Browser extension

Any device in your network which has installed the browser extension can control their own bypass settings.

  1. Install the browser extension

  2. Click on the Global tab

  3. Click on the Bypass toggle

  4. All internet traffic for that device will now bypass any VPN connection independent if the group the device is in is connected to a VPN tunnel

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