Your dashboard contains several different graphs providing insight into your network. Each graph provides a different valuable insight.

Each graph is explained below.

Gateway latency

Vilfo checks the latency to your internet service provider and all connected VPN providers every five minutes. This allows you to see how your connection to your ISP and VPN provider is. The titles are clearly named in order for you to distinguish which line is which gateway.


Vilfo performs system checks every ten minutes and saves the diagnostics. Utilization shows the CPU load for the last couple of hours. The CPU load can vary depending on what is being done in the interface as well as how much traffic is currently being encrypted.


The device pie chart gives you a quick oversight of your network to see how many devices are currently online and offline. If you have multiple devices that are online - but Vilfo reports them as offline, check this article. The chart is updated on each page load to always show accurate information.


Vilfo attempts to look up what sort of devices you have in your network. In this case, one device from Intel and one device from Apple was seen. This is done by checking what the MAC address of the devices are. The results aren't always accurate - but most of the time it is.


Bandwidth displays the bandwidth consumed by the top three devices in your network. This includes both upload and download data transfer. Bandwidth data is updated once every hour.

Encrypted vs. Unencrypted traffic

Vilfo checks how much of the traffic being transmitted and received in your network is through VPN servers and how much using your ordinary ISP connection. This gives you a thorough understanding if devices aren't protected. This distribution data is updated once every hour.

Real-time group bandwidth

Each VPN connected group that you've created will be displayed under all the other graphs. These graphs are real-time (updated every 2 seconds) and display both Upload and Download in Mbit/s

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