Normally, establishing a VPN connection in a router forces all devices to indiscriminately communicate through a single VPN connection. This may not always be the behavior you're after, and may lead to issues with certain devices, services, or websites.

With Vilfo's powerful grouping feature, you can put the power back into your own hands.

Advantages of grouping devices

The greatest advantage of grouping devices is the ability to have a different VPN connection for each group, or even allowing an entire group to bypass the VPN. When you connect a group to a VPN tunnel, every device in that group are connected to that server. Devices outside outside of that group still use their own connection. This allows you to have different groups connected to different VPN servers — or even different VPN providers.

Sorting devices into groups offer a greater degree of control over your network. As an example, sorting all of your children's devices into a group labeled Children makes it easy to locate their network-connected devices among a myriad of other devices.

When you have located a device, you can manually block internet connectivity for the device, and even allow the device to temporarily bypass the VPN. By clicking on a device, you can also view much more detailed information about the device, such as associated parental control rules, device history, and total bandwidth consumed.

Grouping devices

  1. Go to Menu Devices

  2. If you do not have a group, create one under Create group at the bottom of the page by entering a name and pressing the Submit button.

  3. Locate the device you wish to group

  4. Under Actions, select the group you wish to move the device to and press the Add button.

Your device will now be moved to a new group.

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