You should have received the following contents in the package:

  1. Vilfo

  2. Power cord

  3. Two WiFi antennas

  4. One ethernet cable

If any of the items are missing, please send us an email at


  1. Screw on the two WiFi antennas on the gold plated screws on the back side of Vilfo.

  2. Connect the two parts of the power cord. Insert it into the power port on Vilfo which is specified as DC IN.

  3. The internet cable from your modem or port in your house should be inserted into the WAN port.

  4. You can now power Vilfo on by clicking on the power button on the front side of Vilfo.

Next step

When Vilfo has been powered on, you should see an open WiFi network named Vilfo. The WiFi network runs on 2.4 Ghz.

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